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Emotionally detached

I just want you to know who I am

5/4/05 02:41 pm

Argh. Alex read my blog~!! Not that it was that big a deal, just a little bit disconcerting, I guess. I miss writing, in a way.. realised that it helps me put myself in perspective when I write stuff.

I think Mr. Sim really hates us, he just told us all to shut up~! Or words in that effect. He's just one weird, sad little man, most probably with a whole lot of unresolved sexual tension. I feel sorry for him, but anyhoo, we arent exactly the best bunch of students to teach. I havent done my homework since the beginning of February.

Damn, I have tuition and I haven't eaten OR showered.

Snogging Alex was GOOD.

3/22/05 06:16 pm

I'm not the person I used to be, honestly. Lol, I guess I have changed tons over these few months? Relationships have progressed, I am... more of what I was last year, lost something not of importance to me right now, but might end up being the biggest mistake ever, and I have fully evolved-yet again.

Change, change, change.

Hello, lj, you have been neglected for ages, but I dont feel any loss. Do you? I guess not, you haven't done much with/for/to me anywayz. And vice versa.

Exams over, holiday over, I failed... Moral, and English Lit, scraped through BM, got 99 for English, passed Physics (thank the gods who watch over me), and the rest have yet to come. I dont think I will be getting any more A's, except maybe for EST which is the easiest subject known to man, but for which I am very grateful because then I seem to have at least one more A.

Anyway. Nothing seems to have changed much around here, and I feel like the only one who has, but maybe I haven't even changed at all.

And sing with me nowww... 'She'll be cummin round the mount'n when she cummmmsssss.... she'll be cummin round the mount'n when she cummmsssss..... she'll be cummin round the mount'n, she'll be cummin round the mount'n, she'll be cummin round the mount'n when she cuummmmmsssssss.' thanks, sari for the song. juvenile, yes, fun, HECK YES! especially when one is belting it out while sitting on the curb right outside school and old men passing on motorbikes turn to give evil glares. *giggle*


1/7/05 05:41 pm

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hmm... bright and sunny huh? I'm actually kinda dark and depress-y. But oh kay.

1/7/05 05:22 pm

School has started! Yes, in the week since school started, I have come to the shocking reslisation that I would very much miss school when it is *gasp* over. I can't believe that I am in form five now, its almost too weird. Wait. Screw that. It is too weird.

Just finished sending a message to Alex. God, never thought I would hear myself say this, but I have met a person more horny than me. Lol.

Hey! I have a phone!! *whoops*

Bored. No idea what to say, its been ages since I updated, no surprise there, but its like, I have run out of things to say. Stuff have happened too long ago for me to recall with much clarity, yet if I do I am loathe to write it down. Problem with blogs, you ahve to be very politically correct, you might never know if some one you'd rather not stumble upon your blog, just do that. And then... BIG BANG. So. When I write nothing, its not cos I ahve nothing to say. Its just I have nothing politically correct, so to speak, to say.

That. Sucks. I'm getting a diary.

12/18/04 02:49 pm

I am sleepy. And bored shitless. My mom caught Alex feeling up my ass. Well. She's pissy about it, but not fucking mad. Odd. I have no idea why. Maybe she didnt see the ass bit, maybe just the waist one. Whatever. I like Alex. Does this update sound disjointed to you? It sounds very very weird to me.

Had fun in church with Peter today. I always have fun with Peter, something I wouldn't have thought possible a little more than a year ago. Sometimes things don't really turn out the way we think they would, do they? A little thought that has been proven over and over again in my life.

Snogging is over rated, something Pinky and I can surely agree on... and is it normal for a guy to tongue rape you and expect you to like it??

I'm boooored. I would say life is meaningless, but it sure as hell ain't. Okayy.... just confused myself. Go me!

12/14/04 03:24 pm

Just got back from Thailand last night. Whoooo boy. It was fantastic! The people, the shopping, the traffic. God, the traffic was -is- terrible!! You can get stuck in a jam that lasts forever and a day... but at least its not like grid lock or anything. It mooooves! Went around in tuk tuks. Thats what they call it. Tuk tuk. LOL. Tuk tuks are three-wheeled motorcycle versions of our trishaws that have no doors, only roofs and little grilles on the side so you dont fall out while its moving. But it was fantastic! Absolutely fantastic. First time I sat in it, I fell in love with Thailand, Bangkok, and tuk tuks. Nothing beats sitting in an open vehicle, wind blowing in your face, and surrounded by cars, taxis and dozens of other tuk tuks. God. I LOVE Thailand.

And the people. WOW. Nothing like Malaysia. They are soooo different from us! for one, we dont clasp our hands together and bow and say 'sawasdee khaa'. Well, the girls say khaa, the guys say kap. Okay, I'm just babbling on and on about lovely, dirty, pollutd Bangkok. They don't speak good english. They dont speak english.

I love Bangkok. I love the hotties I ogled. HAH! Unfortunately, they were gay, mostly. A fair number weren't, but a substantial chunk of males I saw were wrapped around another man.

Signing off now... I'm still on a high over Bangkok.

12/7/04 07:17 pm

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yeeeessss!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE this quiz!!

12/7/04 07:14 pm

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11/30/04 12:20 am

Argh. Computer has a virus in it!! Can't get into my message thingy on Friendster, can't use the rich text format on LJ, this fucking sucks!!!

Yesterday, Alex AND Peter were in my house. It was.... awkward, but I had fun. Peter was being, well, pervy. Alex was unusually quiet, but that was only cos his phone went wonky.

Finally met Pinky after a month!! Luv ya, Pinx!!

Okayy... nothing much to say, will log off now. Eargh. Bored.

Alex has wonderful hands, and I like them best when they're on me. Hm. Just had to say that. *is surprised at self*

Ciao, all.

11/26/04 06:21 pm

Haven't updated in an age... Alex just went home, we were studying. Can you belive it, studying!! I am still in shock. Obviously, we weren't just studying... *snicker*

Peter came over to Dr. Pang's to vsit me. I am... touched. Okay, I'll admit it... Before he came, I spent three whole days jumping everytime the door opened, cos I thought it would be him. So I wasn't surprised when he actually DID come. LOL. And when he came, we had fun for about.. half an hour before he had to scoot off again, leaving me to do my work with a huge-ass smile on my face the whole day. Hmmm. I guess I have a crush on him, but I really like Alex. He's comfortable, and I can do anything with him. I do not see myself as being able to do that with Peter, even though he's really nice to be with and we spent time in my room and he was teaching me how to wrap my arms around Vincent Pang so i could feel him up. Ick. And he was giving pointers on how to give a lap dance. So, actually, he's kinda fun to be with.... but Alex is so much more.... comfortable. Rather like... being all wrapped up in a blanket on a cold day and feeling safe and secure with a storm outside. That's how I feel with him, even when we're up to naughty things with my mom just on the other side of the wall. Gods. He was wrming me up jsut now, cos I was cold... and gods. It was.... good. Not naughty good. Just... GOOD.

Signing off now. I have Peter and Alex battling for space in my head, along with Physics shit. Woo hoo. My head is such a nice place to be.

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