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Haven't updated in an age... Alex just went home, we were studying. Can you belive it, studying!! I am still in shock. Obviously, we weren't just studying... *snicker*

Peter came over to Dr. Pang's to vsit me. I am... touched. Okay, I'll admit it... Before he came, I spent three whole days jumping everytime the door opened, cos I thought it would be him. So I wasn't surprised when he actually DID come. LOL. And when he came, we had fun for about.. half an hour before he had to scoot off again, leaving me to do my work with a huge-ass smile on my face the whole day. Hmmm. I guess I have a crush on him, but I really like Alex. He's comfortable, and I can do anything with him. I do not see myself as being able to do that with Peter, even though he's really nice to be with and we spent time in my room and he was teaching me how to wrap my arms around Vincent Pang so i could feel him up. Ick. And he was giving pointers on how to give a lap dance. So, actually, he's kinda fun to be with.... but Alex is so much more.... comfortable. Rather like... being all wrapped up in a blanket on a cold day and feeling safe and secure with a storm outside. That's how I feel with him, even when we're up to naughty things with my mom just on the other side of the wall. Gods. He was wrming me up jsut now, cos I was cold... and gods. It was.... good. Not naughty good. Just... GOOD.

Signing off now. I have Peter and Alex battling for space in my head, along with Physics shit. Woo hoo. My head is such a nice place to be.

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