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School has started! Yes, in the week since school started, I have come to the shocking reslisation that I would very much miss school when it is *gasp* over. I can't believe that I am in form five now, its almost too weird. Wait. Screw that. It is too weird.

Just finished sending a message to Alex. God, never thought I would hear myself say this, but I have met a person more horny than me. Lol.

Hey! I have a phone!! *whoops*

Bored. No idea what to say, its been ages since I updated, no surprise there, but its like, I have run out of things to say. Stuff have happened too long ago for me to recall with much clarity, yet if I do I am loathe to write it down. Problem with blogs, you ahve to be very politically correct, you might never know if some one you'd rather not stumble upon your blog, just do that. And then... BIG BANG. So. When I write nothing, its not cos I ahve nothing to say. Its just I have nothing politically correct, so to speak, to say.

That. Sucks. I'm getting a diary.

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