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I'm not the person I used to be, honestly. Lol, I guess I have changed tons over these few months? Relationships have progressed, I am... more of what I was last year, lost something not of importance to me right now, but might end up being the biggest mistake ever, and I have fully evolved-yet again.

Change, change, change.

Hello, lj, you have been neglected for ages, but I dont feel any loss. Do you? I guess not, you haven't done much with/for/to me anywayz. And vice versa.

Exams over, holiday over, I failed... Moral, and English Lit, scraped through BM, got 99 for English, passed Physics (thank the gods who watch over me), and the rest have yet to come. I dont think I will be getting any more A's, except maybe for EST which is the easiest subject known to man, but for which I am very grateful because then I seem to have at least one more A.

Anyway. Nothing seems to have changed much around here, and I feel like the only one who has, but maybe I haven't even changed at all.

And sing with me nowww... 'She'll be cummin round the mount'n when she cummmmsssss.... she'll be cummin round the mount'n when she cummmsssss..... she'll be cummin round the mount'n, she'll be cummin round the mount'n, she'll be cummin round the mount'n when she cuummmmmsssssss.' thanks, sari for the song. juvenile, yes, fun, HECK YES! especially when one is belting it out while sitting on the curb right outside school and old men passing on motorbikes turn to give evil glares. *giggle*


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